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Nathan Greiner




The piece takes a crucifix which is such a common symbol in the form of a pendant that is often becomes a simple motif or aspect of fashion. In my piece the cross remains as adornment in a way but rather then being simply worn in a way that can be removed is instead scorched into my skin. Here is the piece description which I have displayed alongside it. The human fingerprint symbolizes identity, furthermore, with the rise of forensic science it shows guilt. For this image I branded my own fingerprint with a copper cross. In my mind the resulting image creates a new symbol. The image of the cross superimposed on the fingerprint shows a judgement based on the cross rather than one's own guilt. At the same time this speaks to the role of religion as integrally important to one's identity. It speaks to a history of mortification of the flesh as a religious practice and nods to the purpose surrounding such practices.

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