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" Peace ... Illusion?"

Laurent Brune

French in Germany


Cacholong, red coral, onyx, Silver, fired "F.A.M.A.S." 5,56mm bullet.

"Piece... Illusion?" was my first contemporary jewellery piece as I just finished my career as French soldier. This ring criticises the reality of peace supposedly brought by the UN in the world. Six years have passed and what about the world situation? Every day gives us a little more of the taste of the Apocalypse. The olive branch still does not protect the dove, which is slaughtered a little more every day. We relentlessly destroy our environment, which leads us more and more quickly to chaos. What are we going to pass on to our children? I fired this bullet 12 years ago during a joint operation with the Afghan army, to maintain peace in their country... What about today? The dictatorship is back in power and human rights are a distant memory. Only we can stop this humanitarian and ecological Apocalypse... Do we really want it? See you in six years... 

Apocalypse Statement 

This work is related to the topic APOCALYPSE by the actual world situation... Wars are becoming the theme number 1.

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