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In a world where the FUTURE is unfolding as a dynamic fusion of creativity and technology, it's imperative that we acknowledge our role as architects of beauty and purpose in the midst of the unfolding unknown.We have asked artists to share with us their unique perspectives, to project their visions of what lies ahead, and to show us their artistic creations.

Join us as we explore the ways in which technology, art and imagination are coming together to redefine the very essence of personal adornment.


*by purchasing from NOD you help us support artists and give meaningful projects a voice and a place to be seen. Every purchase is a donation to our non-profit organization and goes directly into helping others.


created by Veresa Eybl, Katrin Derakhshifar, Stephie Morawetz & Konstanze Prechtl

FUTURE Edition - Volume 4

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    • 60 full color A4 pages
    • removable A3 poster

    • interviews with art collective Artificial Intelligems & artist Wiebke Pandikow

    • article Stephie Morawetz

    • projects by 22 artists

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