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Stephie Morawetz

In November 2018 a criminal trial in Ireland shocked thousands of women around the globe and causes a virtual movement.
In a rape case the defense lawyer argued the victims consent with her wearing lace lingerie.  If a woman wears lace underwear, she does that to attract men. This statement caused a global movement on Instagram, where women posted their underwear with the words #this is not consent to show solidary to the victim.
We live in the 21st century and still women have to fight for basic rights. What women wear or not wear should be our decision and for sure is not consent for sexual intercourse.
In my work set in concrete I want to draw attention to this topic. The heaviness of the in concrete casted lace underwear shows physically the heaviness and importance of this topic. By wearing my lace underpants, for everyone to see, around my neck, I want to show that everybody should be allowed to wear whatever we want without consequences.

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