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Stephie Morawetz

“Form follows Function” is one of the most famous principles of design phrased by the American architect Louis Sullivan in 1896. Indeed, it is for me, the most fundamental rule of design. Design has to serve society, it has to be functional, the form is the result of this effort. In the postmodern era, the form got more important than the function, the aesthetic becomes the main function,“function follows form”. Nowadays a totally neglected of the function happened. We don’t even bother anymore with justifying an aesthetic object with a function. Only the visual matters, we are now at “form follows nothing”.
With the project “same shit” I want to talk about the current sate of design. In my opinion the current design, don’t shows any development. It doesn’t serve the us and the function is secondary. The design is only created for is ascetic values, only the cover matters, instead of what is behind it.

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