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Adriana Almeida Meza

My work is focused on gender inequality, especially rape. At the beginning, my intention was directed towards creating jewellery as a tribute to women affected by violence. However, as time went by I realized that we face being women and our sexuality as a taboo in a predominantly patriarchal society; this means, we have all been affected by violence. Since then my interest shifts to my own experience and my interpretation of silence, of violent gestures, of the little marks of violence (or as big as rape) among others, which condition our conception and definition (if there needs to be a definition), of what is to be a woman. Therefore, questions arise from the depths of my feminine identity, which in turn transform me and guide me into expressing it through jewellery that seeks to empower the woman by exalting the erotic as beauty, the erotic as healing principle, the erotic as feminine essence.

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